17 Easy Ways to Make Money Online Fast (Get Paid within 24 Hours)

How To Make Money Online FastToday the Internet is such an indispensable part of our lives that we’ve almost forgotten what we did before it!

Whether it’s work or leisure, keeping in touch with our friends, shopping, research, arts and entertainment,

– learning or to update ourselves with current events, the Net is an integral part of our lives.

Social media networks have changed the way we reach out to others.

But, millions of people also use the Net as a medium for their work.

Nearly every corporation, big and small, has a presence on the World Wide Web.

There’s a lesser-known side to the Net and that’s the area which people would love to know more about – How to make money in online!

17 easy online money making ways to get paid fast

People have been quite wary of plunging in because of a few bad experiences or because of horror stories they’ve heard about unscrupulous tricksters.

But let’s look at some of the legit, safe and profitable ways of making money online, fast!

1. On-line surveys

They’re fast, easy and don’t require much thinking. But not all of them pay well or are genuine.

Get recommendations from friends and family who’ve tried them and look out for reviews on the Net.

Some of the highest paying surveys can get you nearly $3000 a month!

On-line surveys

You should always be careful when working for online survey. There are hundred of online surveys are fake and never paid you.

And, yes. Some of these didn’t meet your region where you living and don’t accept your desire payment methods.

They’ve their own requirements. Discover best online survey by Google search and work with best online surveys!

2. Social investment networks

If you love speculation and the thrill armchair stock-market trading, social investment networks are your best bet.

Here, investors base their decisions on actual user generated financial content.

Social investment networks

You can interact with other traders, watch, duplicate their moves and stay away from non-starter investments.

Additionally, there’s a “double revenue stream” opportunity when those who follow you pay you for it!

3. Get paid for Freelance to Upwork

A wealth of possibilities exist:

Writers, teachers, designers, bloggers, interpreter, tour-guide, short-film maker and SEO are some great freelance jobs available at Upwork.

Get paid for Freelance work

Just sign up free and make a stunning profile with title, profile pics, and a unique biography about your professional area of expertise.

Give some tests and earn good results in your specific niche. Apply jobs and discuss details work with clients and make sure deadlines.

Always be honest and do quality work. Earn $$$ (Money) as you desire in both fixed and hourly job.

Get as a bonus 5 star feedback when job completed successfully!

4. Become an online tutor

In languages, math, sciences, arts, music etc as part of an academic syllabus or as alternate courses.

If you love teaching and enjoy interacting with students of all ages, nationalities and with different interests,

this is a great job that offers handsome returns in the right setting and is also a lot of fun.

Become an online tutor

5. Review products and music for money

Combine fun, variety and great earnings!

Review products and music

Youngsters these days look for reviews, compare prices, see who else is purchasing etc before they actually buy something.

Make sure that your reviews are genuine, unbiased and frank.

6. Article writing for popular blogs

Article Writing

If you love sharing views, opinions and information, just blog and get paid.

There are several ways and platform for getting paid by blogging.

Upwork, iwriter, and wideHow are some great platform waiting for you.

7. Write reviews for websites and apps

Today, most smart phone users enjoy doing a lot of stuff on-line.

reviews for websites and apps

Help them find what they want with website and app reviews while you get paid.

8. Sell your stories, photos and videos

Great websites need great content so market your stories, photos and videos and reap the benefits!

You could even become a respected voice on the Net,

with thousands of people waiting to hear about your next trip,

see the next great picture you’ve clicked or enjoy the fabulous new video you’ve created.

Sell your stories, photos and videos

9. Write and publish e-books

Serious writers can earn their fame and wealth by publishing their works on-line. With social networks so active these days, promoting and marketing are simpler.

10. Sell your junk mail for Cash

Flooded with junk mail?

Make Money Selling Junk Mail

Turn it into money by selling it to certain market research companies who use it for their research.

They pay by cash or giving you prepaid Visa cards.

11. Work at Home Companies

Are no longer the domain of home-makers or retirees.

You also don’t have to start your own business to work from home.

Many reputed companies offer regular jobs on a tele-working basis to save infrastructure and commuting costs.

You could save a lot in taxes and maintain your work-life balance especially if you have kids or seniors at home.

12. Start your own website or blog

Websites and blogs today are the ideal platform for advertising, marketing and promotions.

Start your own website or blog

Monetize your blog or website through Google’s AdSense, add widgets, develop a social media plan, affiliate marketing tools etc.

You may require professional advice if you’re a first time blogger

or website creator but it’s an investment worth making.

13. Sell your stuffs at etsy, eBay, Amazon etc

First make an inventory of all that you want to sell.

Remember that there’s a market for everything.

But don’t try to sell broken, torn and soiled stuff – this is garbage.

Throw it away.

Sell your stuffs

However, if you have old toys, clothes, food, furniture, cosmetics, games, and music etc.

these can all be price-tagged and put on the appropriate websites.

Take some good pictures and create an email id just for this and wait for the calls!

14. Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing program is a quick and inexpensive way of making regular money on-line as you don’t have to have a product, or to create content

or do anything much other than link up buyers and sellers and collect the commission.

You can choose the kinds of products you want to sell and get the sellers to provide you with your unique affiliate code.

Affiliate Marketing

They may also give you the text, banners, etc to promote the products.

These can be pasted on your website and you can start directing traffic to the seller website.

If visitors to your website visit the seller website and purchase products, you receive a commission.

Follow Brian Dean’s CPA Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to make a goal in affiliate marketing.

15. Google AdSense program

Google earns its revenues from advertising.

People pay for their goods and services to be featured on search engine pages.

make money with google adsense

Similarly, you can feature these same ads on your website or blog and earn 68% of the revenue if someone clicks on these ads.

It’s a great way to monetize your website or blog, especially if you have a lot of content and a good following.

16. Domain names and hosting re-seller programs

Today we’re in a space where everyone wants to have a website.

So here’s your chance to offer them what they want and make a handsome profit yourself.

How it works is that you become a web host for companies that offer web hosting to other companies.

Domain names and hosting re-seller programs

In other words, resellers purchase products or services, repackage them and perhaps add

or subtract a few things from these products and services and then resell them under their own brand name.

You don’t require any special technical expertise and you can use your own creativity and talent to make your reseller site unique and eye-catching.

17. Start selling gigs at Fiverr

Sign up for free and setup your profile with title, profile pics and a little professional biography.

Create a gig to offer your service on Fiverr (specific category) for their global audience.

Start selling gigs at Fiverr

Discuss details about work with preference deadlines and complete work in a timely manner.

Earn extra $$$ (money) with extra fast work or services.

Get paid fast after order delivery.

Statistics and Expert Opinions

“Making money is a hobby that will complement other hobbies that you have, beautifully,” opines Scott Alexander the British Multi-Millionaire. – #01

“You’d be sad too if you knew how much money you’re leaving on the table,” opines by Neil Patel (top 100 influencers under the age of 30 by President Obama). – #02

Everyone wants to have enough to do the things they want, go wherever they please

and to have the life with the all the trimmings that they’ve dreamed of

– and there’s no way it can be done without money.

Today, a 9-5 job gives you barely enough after the taxes have been paid.

That’s why most people look for alternate, safe and legitimate ways of getting a little extra income that puts the jam on their bread and butter.

The Internet has opened up a huge vista of possibilities and the statistics are an eye-opener:

make money online statistics

Option #01: Nearly 80% of people go on-line to socialize as compared to 39% who do business and shop etc.

Option #02: There are just as many seniors as others on social networking sites – they’re there for fun and the company.

Option #03: Education and entertainment are the top reasons why people go on-line.

Option #04: More than 60% people go on-line to compare prices and only 21% use dating sites.

Option #05: 34% go on-line to shop, with household items, electronics, music, movies, school-work supplies etc in that order.

Option #06: 44% people go on-line to create or update blogs or to read other people’s blogs.

Option #07: The Net is still growing and right now just 30% of the world’s population has access to it – so the potential is mind-boggling!

Keeping these facts and figures in mind, we can put our creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to work and make life just that bit easier.

Use the skills you already have – however ordinary you think they are – and start promoting them on-line.


While most of the news is good, there’s always the chance that you could get taken for a ride.

Look out for these signs:

  • Never trust an on-line money making scheme that expects you to pay money upfront (as sign-up or registration fees etc).
  • Ensure that the website is not fake. There are some pretty good impostors out there.
  • Many survey, video, promo and product-review websites pay out only after a certain thresh-hold. This can be risky.
  • Data entry websites could make good payouts initially then abruptly leave you hanging.
  • Don’t ever fall for Pyramid Scams.
  • Virtual assistants and on-line typing jobs are boring, repetitive and don’t pay well.
  • Beware of overly-glowing testimonials.


While making money on-line fast is your goal, remember that you also need to be ethical

– comfortable and proud of what you do.

Stay within legal limits and don’t be tempted to cross the line into dubious territory.

The Net is an instrument that has great potential for wealth creation, provided it’s used the right way.

Today the Internet is such an indispensable part of our lives that we’ve almost forgotten what we did before it! Whether it’s work or leisure, keeping in touch with our friends, shopping, research, arts and entertainment, – learning or to update ourselves with current events, the Net is an integral part of our lives. Social …

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